About - Geolume

Geometric Lamps inspired by Nature

Geolume is lighting inspired by nature. Polyhedrons exist naturally in the form of molecular structure, crystal forms, and species such as Radiolaria. The platonic solids are the building blocks of nature.

Hopefully, my lighting creates an ambient atmosphere for striking up deeper conversations on life.

All of my designs are open source on Thingiverse. You are free to download the files and make them yourself if you have a laser cutter.

I design and manufacture everything in Austin, TX. I have a 24x36 100w laser cutter the does ultra precise cutting allowing for tight fitting designs.

About Me – I’m Jon Imeson. I’m a product designer, maker, doer of things. From giant interactive art installations, to custom displays, signs and much more. I’m a proponent of open source, futurism, makerspaces, and industrial design.

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